This page contains links to resources and learning websites that are useful for self-study of Japanese. The list will be updated from time to time. Hebre

Special resources

A blog discussing Japanese news and culture as expressed in the local language, through Japanese words and phrases.

Hebrew translations of free-form haiku poems by Santōka Taneda. All poems are shown in a bilingual Japanese-Hebrew format, including romanizations.

להבין את יפן ביפנית: מילים ומושגים באקטואליה של יפן.

תרגומים מיפנית לעברית של שירי הייקו חופשיים מאת סנטוקה טנדה. כל השירים מוצגים בעברית וביפנית.

דן בורנשטיין
האתר האישי שלי.

Learn Japanese with bilingual texts! My website for developing Japanese reading skills. A growing collections of study units with support resources and optional private coaching. Also includes a language blog with useful information on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and more.


Romaji Desu
An all-around dictionary. What sets this one apart is the positive attitude toward romaji, as the name suggests – including several tools that can be especially handy for beginners.

Online Japanese Accent Dictionary 
Hear pronunciation recordings of thousands of useful words. Also correlated with the vocabulary of common textbooks.

The Counting Dictionary 
Lets you find counter words by several different search options, including categories and kanji.

Zokugo Jiten 
The best online resource for colloquial and new words of all kinds. (Japanese only)

Koji Kotowaza Jiten 
Dictionary of proverbs, idioms, etc. (Japanese only)

Gogen Yurai Jiten 
Etymological dictionary. (Japanese only)

Washoku Daijiten 
This dictionary contains 465 traditional Japanese colors. It shows the color name in both kanji and hiragana, along with the color itself and its hex code, which can be used to reproduce the same color in graphic design programs. (Japanese only.)

Study websites

The transition from textbook Japanese to the real language is challenging, but if you’re serious about your study, this website is one great way to finally make the move.

A website that lets you study through quizzes on grammar, kanji, vocabulary, etc.

Japanese Grammar Database 
Learn all sorts of useful grammar points.

Learn Kansai-ben 
A self-study website dedicated to the dialect of Kansai.

A specific look at the local dialect of Kyoto. The English website has only the basic stuff, and the Japanese version contains the full information.


Joy o’ Kanji
This should be your first stop for getting to know the characters on the joyo list. Packed with useful information, it also has a web shop with kanji-related products. Lovingly created by Eve Kushner.

Kanji stroke order animations for over 7,300 characters, with new ones added frequently. Good thing there are so many kanji. Only about 40,000 to go! (Japanese only)

Readings of personal names 
Enter the kanji and get a pretty accurate idea of how the name should be read.

Other resources

Weblio – bilingual example sentences 
This service lets you see words in context in real Japanese with English translation. It contains many words and expression that are not easily found elsewhere.

Kotonoha – corpus of written Japanese 
Another useful tool for seeing how Japanese words are used in real-life contexts. (Japanese only)

A photoblog (in Hebrew) that shows you beautiful little things around Tokyo.

טוקיואיזם: בלוג מצולם שלוקח אתכם לשיטוט מצולם ברחבי הפרטים הקטנים והיפים של טוקיו.